Santa Monica's Top 5 Most Unique Bars

Though people think of sandy floors and sun kissed bartenders when they think of Santa Monica, those in the know are aware of a whole other subset of Santa Monica nightlife. This beach-centric town offers a ton of diversity and interesting places for those that are willing to look past the oceanside venues. Dig a little deeper and you'll find speakeasies hidden under famous buildings, venues merging the best of the modern and retro aesthetic, and places where you can see all of Los Angeles from just one of their booths. For those that are ready to dive into Santa Monica's hidden bar scene, these Top 5 venues are your gateway pass. Discover these amazingly diverse spots, and tell us if your favorite spot is on here, or if you know of an even more veiled and mysterious place to grab a cocktail in Santa Monica. - Darianne Dobbie