Jamesons Irish Pub

6681 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Irish Pubs


  • Los Angeles

For a Saint Patty's Day celebration, on the actual day especially, but also year 'round, you cannot go wrong with Casey's. The pub is 10,000 square feet and Dublin inspired, with room to lounge and socialize. Equally impressive as the square footage is the drink menu, with unique and authentic Irish creations including a Jameson shot with a pickle chaser. View


  • Seal Beach

Friendly bartenders, good food, decent whiskey/beer prices, and music: what more could you ask for out of an Irish pub? Clancy's in Long Beach has many claims to fame, including daily entertainment in the form of karaoke, live music, and sports games. The venue is also home to a Miller-Lite commercial, and was chosen because of its impressive, stone-brick layout. View

Irish Times

  • Los Angeles

Explore Irish Times, a lively Los Angeles pub, where Guinness flows endlessly amidst boisterous singing, authentic Irish grub, and an infectiously rowdy yet welcoming atmosphere. View

Joxer Daly's Irish Pub

  • Culver City

Big screen TV's, cold beer, warm nachos, and the game. There's really no more you could ask for out of a sports bar. The perfect place for people that want to kick their feet up and slide into a corner booth from some food with their friends, Joxer Daly's is an Irish pub that knows just how to do the classic sports bar. The cool vibe and the relaxed atmosphere will immediately feel like home to you and your crew. View