Piano Bar (Closed)

Los Angeles

If you've been on the hunt for the "Cheers" of Hollywood, you can finally call of the neighborhood search.

Piano Bar

6429 Selma Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

The Piano Bar is the ultimate spot to experience a laid back evening of tunes in Hollywood. Without having to shell out any cash to get inside, this quaint place might just be the Holy Grail of venues in the area for music lovers. Go early before it gets too crowded.

Undergoing a facelift in 2009, this once seedy dive bar now aspires to be a venue with a healthy mix of the past and the present- a dive bar’s soul in a hip, clean venue’s body. As their roots dictate, they have done away with all the usual Hollywood pretentions and have offered the neighborhood a watering hole stripped of the pomp and fills that usually accompanies a venue in the area. Without dress codes, guest lists or even a cover charge to contend with (sorry, you’ll still have to wage the standard Hollywood parking battle), the Piano Bar skillfully separates itself from the herd. On any given night, when you walk into this small, dark space on Selma you will feel the brick walls reverberating from some form of music. The vintage feel of the place (replete with black leather stools and an old street lamp used to light up the patio area out back) is completed by the space used for their nightly performances. The area, less like an actual stage, and more like a designated corn of the room (marked off by a crooked oriental rug rather than ropes) houses different groups each evening, drawing in equally diverse crowds. From your traditional rock show to a more jazzy saxophone band, the Piano Bar attracts all kinds of people united in their desire to please their ears. Unlike most places, you won’t usually see anyone dancing here. Instead, expect more contemplative/appreciative head bobs and subtle foot taps from patrons sipping on mixed drinks or having a smoke outside. Though not overly impressive, it is a great place to take a date if you want to be able to have little conversation, enjoy some possibly good tunes in an intimate setting. Take a potential suitor here, and you’ll like a true local with a good handle on the musical pulse of this town. The venue is perfect for chatting and also ideal for going with a small group of friends. -Darianne Dobbie

Interesting Facts

They may sometimes do private events, but the Piano Bar is adamantly against the Hollywood guest list culture. They promise you will never have to fumble your way through trying to make yourself sound important enough to get inside. Their doors are always


Finally, a place in Hollywood that truly doesn’t have a dress code to live up to. This "come as you are" venue inspires people of all walks of life. Don’t spend (too much) time worrying about what you’re going to wear.

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