The Garage

Los Angeles

Culver City's sports bar, The Garage, has everything you and your crew needs to get your motors revved up and running this weekend.

The Garage

3387 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Inside this metal building on (appropriately) Motor Ave, The Garage is filled with all the things that make sports bars so enticing. Inside you and your group will be surrounded by televisions, perfectly crispy French fries, frosty pitchers, and the sweet sound of cheering fans. The full menu, full kitchen, and of course, full bar make The Garage a great choice for where to watch the game and hang out with your best crew.

Cruising down Motor Avenue in Culver City you’ll eventually notice the large grey metal looking building with the red sign out front that reads: The Garage. Contrary from how it might appear from the outside, this place isn't where you go to get your oil changed or your engine tuned up, it's where you go to fill up your other tank. The Garage is a fairly large and wholly fantastic sports bar that serves up seriously good bar food and drinks in an awesome atmosphere. As soon as you arrive, you'll know exactly what type of good time you're in for. Outside on their deck area (where you'll also find tons of people utilizing their beer pong tables), they have a super cool water fountain. Spraying out of defunct beer taps and repurposed oil tanks is, instead of water, a liquid, which is an intimidating shade of neon green. Looking like something the Toxic Avenger might crawl out of, this weirdly perfect ode to alcohol and automobiles sets the tone for the whole place. Inside The Garage you'll find yourself among a pleasantly rowdy crowd of sports fans. Some are gathered around the large bar area indulging in rounds of tap beer, some are posted up at tables and booths with their friends sharing a basket of fries of wings, but all are usually craning their necks to look up at the TVs (of which there are plenty to choose from). Though you can definitely fill up on classic bar food, this place also has a pretty impressive selection of more refined food (think flat bread pizzas and burrata and arugula salad) for those that prefer their games with a side of more sophisticated cuisine. No matter what you're eating, it's always good to wash it down with a cold brew. Luckily, along with their full bar, they also have 12 bars on tap which makes this place even better. No matter who's playing this weekend, or what season it is, The Garage is always a good choice for any group that likes to have fun while they watch the game.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

Where can your extensive Kanye West knowledge really pay you big dividends? At The Garage. This spot does Big Happy Trivia on Wednesday nights for some pretty sweet prizes. You won't just get bragging rights here, 1st place also gets a $110 bar tab (2nd p


Feel free to come hungry to The Garage. Aside from all their slick televisions, their draft beers and their ample beer pong tables, this sports bar also boasts a pretty impressive menu. Featuring far more than your standard bar fare, The Garage is an excellent place to do dinner while you watch your team go for the gold.

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