Come check out the new club scene in Hollywood filled with themed dancers, electro music and even some surprisingly good food.

Editorial Review

Sound Nightclub offers club aficionados an exceptional and imaginative alternative to the standard nightclub. Featuring a huge dance floor, a state of the art sound system and entrancing lighting boards, Sound has everything you’d look for in a large Vegas-style club. This chic, upscale, funky venue is the perfect place to spend a Friday or Saturday night listening to intense EDM beats bounce off their purple plush walls.

On any given Hollywood evening, there are tons of fabulous nightclubs to choose from. Among all these hot contenders, one of the neighborhood’s newest editions, Sound Nightclub, stands out. This venue mixes the best of the traditional nightclub with some original and inventive twists. The nearly 9,000 square foot space has all the bones of a classic great club: giant bars that flank and even larger dance floor, and an elevated DJ booth that reigns over the sweaty pulsating crowd. But, Sound, replete with thick black leather couches, funky stained concrete floors, and plush cushioned walls, adds its own unique flare to the standard scene. Instead of propping up sexy female dancers with a pole, Sound features women scantily clad in a fusion of Burlesque and futuristic fashions sensually crawling through different levels of the see through wall facing the DJ booth. Other perks, like a fog machine, a stellar lighting board and a fairly epic sound system, gives Sound the feeling of a popular Vegas-like or even European club. While surrounded by green lasers and the thumping beats of deep house music (Fridays) or EDM (Saturdays), you can sip some decently priced cocktails, and even snag a bite to eat. This nightclub has everything you’d expect and more, making it the perfect place to go on the weekend if you want to dance, drink and maybe even indulge in a bacon wrapped hotdog (accessible from their uber-cool food window).

Interesting Facts

This is one of the only nightclubs that serves snacks along with music and drinks. They also offer $5 coat check, which is certainly a much-needed addition on cold L.A. nights.


Sound's food is actually pretty delicious. Venture over to their snack window (illuminated by a giant fluorescent pink "FOOD" sign) and try the mini-burger. It’s a surprisingly sweet-tasting treat. Skip circling around for parking and just use the valet; you’ll need a lot of luck to find an open space.

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1642 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles

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Weekly Events

Hours9 PM - 2 AM
Dress CodeNot too strict
TitleNIGHTBASS - Some Thursdays
Hours10 PM - 3 AM
Dress CodeNot too strict
Hours10 PM - 4 AM
Musicdeep house
Hours10 PM - 4 AM

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