The Wiltern

Los Angeles

Make sure you get tickets to see your favorite band play here quick- this venue has a tendency to attract sold out shows.

The Wiltern

3790 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

With great views from every angle, a full bar, and decent acoustics, the Wiltern has become one of the most prominent music venues in L.A. If you see a show here, you will never have to worry about the quality of the atmosphere or the venue (can't make any promises for the quality of the bands though). This casual spot makes for an excellent home to any band that can pull off an intimate show.

If an awesome band is coming to Los Angeles, there is always a pretty good shot that they will be playing at the Wiltern Theatre. Right on the corner of Wilshire and Western in Koreatown, this small venue has played host to an impressively long list of amazing groups. Holding only 1,850 people, the intimate vibe and stellar acoustics has made the Wiltern as staple for a slew of bands that continue to come back year after year. As a standing room only type of place, this mint green building makes for an excellent spot to check out old favorites looking to put on a more personal show, up an comers hoping to snag their first sold out show, and hot local groups with devout followings. With cool lighting features, a stocked bar, great sound and a crowd of less than 2,000 people, the Wiltern has the unique capability of making attendees feel like they are getting all the bells and whistles of a stadium show packed into a tiny venue. This is exactly why bands of all kinds flock to the Wiltern. Under the etched gold "sunburst" ceiling, bands like Fall Out Boy, Frank Ocean, Jack White, and Jane's Addiction have all taken the stage in front of tons of fans. If you’d rather have an assigned seat away from the masses, the Wiltern does offer a select number of spots up top on the balcony where you can sit down and oversee the mayhem below.

Written By Shilo Urban

Interesting Facts

This place first opened up as the Warner Brothers Western Theater as a spot for hot vaudeville acts. A little while later in the 30's, they reopened it as the Wiltern we now know, as a tribute to the two streets that intersect in front of the building- Wi


As a small venue with no seating, sometimes it's hard to get a great view of the stage. There are some steps right in front of the center bar that are great for viewing the band, and better yet, no one will come by and ask you to move.

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