Los Angeles Dive Bars

We're paying homage to the kings of all bars, the bars who are there for you through all your celebrations, your tears, your triumphs, and your failures. That's right, hail to the almighty dive bar. We present to you the dingiest, darkest, dirtiest, most diviest of all dive bars, in all their resplendent glory. Read on to find the best Los Angeles dive bars!

In a town like LA, dive bars tend to be a little overlooked for the more glitzy, glamorous hotspots. But when the glitter fades and the make-up has smeared, there's only one place to go. Los Angeles dive bars are often little-known neighborhood gems, with the cheap beers, the odd assortment of characters, and those smells that you don't really want to identify. They're not pretty, they're not fancy, but dive bars can feel just like home, and in a town filled with pretense and puffery, it's nice to have a place when you can shed all that and just drink with your buddies.