Los Angeles Dive Bars:

#1 - Bar 107

This Downtown Los Angeles bar is a nice oasis in the middle of an increasingly gentrified Downtown LA. You do get your Downtown hipsters walking in, you have your typical good-looking actor-ish bartender, but they have cheap Pabst tallboys, and it just straight up looks like a dive bar. It's even named like a dive bar. Just like the famed Bar 81 of Lower East Side New York, Bar 107 has no need for a cheeky, clever, or even thought-out bar name. It is what it is - a neighborhood bar at 107 4th St. As we all know, any dive bar worth its salt is open at some ungodly hour when no one should be drinking, and this one keeps it real, opening at 3pm, and closing at 2am. Bar 107 is by definition, a dive bar, and definitely worth a visit or a hundred.

Bar 107

107 4th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

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