Irish Pubs in Los Angeles

If you go anywhere in the world, you'll find an Irish pub, and Los Angeles is no exception. Los Angeles and its surrounding areas have some of the best Irish pubs that can really make the lads and lasses feel like they're in the Emerald Land. From Guinness on tap to Jameson by the gallon, you're bound to drink like an Irishman here!

In Los Angeles, there's not really an Irish Town, or a Little Eire, or any kind of cluster of Irish restaurants and pubs. From Mid-City to Hollywood, Downtown to Culver City, Irish pubs are popping up everywhere. While pulling off authentic Mexican or Chinese in LA is a little tricky, due to all the discerning palettes, pulling off authentic Irish pub is a bit easier - all you really need is some kind of reference to Ireland, Guinness on tap, and Jameson, and the average Los Angeleno is happy. But these five Los Angeles Irish pubs take their authenticity seriously. Check out these places for St. Patty's Day and steer clear of the green beer.