Irish Pubs in Los Angeles:

#1 - Caseys

Day or night, Casey's Irish Pub's underground location provides a dimly lit yet cheery escape from your everyday. Doors open around lunchtime on weekdays for professionals looking for a hearty Irish meal or a burger and a Guinness to wash it down. Night-owls come for "pickle back" shots and the sports pub vibe, or a good conversation with a friendly bartender.

Casey's is one of the oldest Los Angeles Irish pubs, built in 1916, and they most certainly pride themselves on their authenticity. From the dim interior, to the inscribed wooden bar stools, to the hand-pressed tin ceilings, Casey's does without the typical glitz and over-the-top theatrics that many themed bars fall into. Casey's Irish Pub just simply is. They even separate their whiskey menu into the distilleries that each whiskey came from - Middleton, Bushmills, and Cooley. And while they have 33 different types of whiskeys, you won't find McCallan here - it's only the firewater of the Irish that's sold here. They're a little less stringent on their beer selection, and they offer "Beer Concoctions" like Black and Tans, Blacksmiths, and Shandygaffs (Stella with a splash of lemonade). Casey's doesn't let up in the cocktail department either, offering only the finest of whiskey-based drinks like Irish Coffee, the Irish Old Fashioned, the Old School Manhattan, the Irish Whiskey Sour, Blood and Sand, and Casey's own Irish Buck. They've got a planned St. Patty's Day celebration planned, but no word on details yet. But rest assured you won't find the typical frat boy types spilling their green beer everywhere here. If you want a more upscale, more refined way to celebrate the holiday of whiskey and beer, check out Casey's. At least you can't go wrong with their extensive and authentic whiskey selection!


613 S Grand Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90017

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