Best Bars To Watch The World Cup In L.A.

Almost everyone on planet Earth can find somewhere to see the World Cup this summer, but L.A. is home to the absolute best venues to watch the athletic drama unfold.

Most people think of L.A.'s sports bars as excellent places to watch some rough and tumble football on Sundays. But, there are also some pretty awesome places that are prime for watching that other type of round ball sport: soccer to the U.S., and futbol/football to almost everyone else. With the L.A. Galaxy gaining Beckham for those brief shining years, the city of L.A. also gained some interest in the sport that is stereotypically off Americans’ radars. These days, soccer fans have steadily increased their foothold in the Los Angeles landscape, and with that has come more and more bars that cater to the fantastically rowdy soccer fan. This season, as nearly all of humanity tunes in to the World Cup, Angelenos have their fair share of soccer-loving joints to choose from. As with anything, there are always a few that stand out from the rest. Out of all the venues across the town, there are 8 that truly score when it comes to supplying everything that a soccer fanatic would want out of a bar. From Santa Monica's Britannia that serves up cheap beer and even cheaper wine surrounded by giant flat screens, to Happy Ending's man cave like venue, to Downtown’s expansive Irish tavern, Casey’s, Los Angeles has you covered, no matter which neighborhood you come from. These venues make the viewing experience so easy; all you’ll have to worry about is whether or not your team is making it to the finals.