Best Bars To Watch The World Cup In L.A.:

#1 - The Britannia

The Britannia packs in all sorts of friends and sports fans each week, all angling for a stool at the bar or a seat on the patio. This is the ultimate spot to grab a pint with your crew.

A couple blocks off Santa Monica's famous Promenade sits the Britannia, a quaint gastropub with little blue and red flags painted over the door, claiming this spot for the mother country. A prefect blend of old-fashioned British charm and sports fanaticism, the Britannia has made a name for itself as a go to place for watching any game, especially ones as important as those in the World Cup. With all the European flare you’d hope for in a pub like this, the Britannia has definitely carved out a corner of the sports world all its own. Once you pass underneath the proudly displayed flags out front, you’ll enter into a picturesque old timey pub with all the modern amenities. Among tiny wooden tables and creaky chairs are tons of patrons donning their teams’ jerseys and knocking back some perfectly cold pints. Surrounding these backslapping soccer fans, are giant flat screen TVs all over the bar, with an enormous, nearly theatre-like massive screen on their second level upstairs. This screen is so huge you can practically see the blades of grass caught in the players’ spikes. During football season the Britannia is all about touchdowns and pass interference, but when the World Cup starts, this place is devoted to soccer mania. Most people come to the Britannia for the enlarged viewing platforms, but they stay for the atmosphere. Serving up fish and chips and other English delights, this spot really knows how to draw in the locals and make new patrons feel welcome. For those in the Santa Monica area, it is definitely worth posting up at the Britannia for this year’s World Cup.

The Britannia Pub

318 Santa Monica Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90401

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