Culver City's Craftiest Cocktail Bars

Among other more pigeonholed Los Angeles neighborhoods, Culver City is a bastion of independence, promising patrons a new experience nightly. Our top 5 favorite cocktail bars in this area are proof that when your reach into the mixed bag that is L.A., you're bound to pull out a winner. Scattered across Culver City, each of these cocktail bars display some part of Angeleno culture. There are the bars flooded with fedora wearing blokes, bespectacled in faux glasses. There are the relaxed spots that serve up cocktails with a refined sense of nonchalance in perfectly sparse venues. There are the elegant places where you take a date you're trying to impress. And of course, there are the awesome theme venues that deliver theatrics flawlessly. Some of these places welcome people in with warm arms, and others might require a little finesse or even a password to gain entrance. But no matter which of these cocktail bars and lounges you end up at, you're sure to feel a unique vibe that only these cool venues can provide. Explore these spots now and let us know if your favorites made the cut. - Darianne Dobbie