Greatest Gastropubs In Culver City

At times having a drink just isn't enough. After a long week at work or even a pretty relaxed one, sometimes you need a spot that fulfills all your needs. These 5 Culver City venues offer their patrons the rare experience of being able to eat, drink and have a great time all under the same roof. Without having to leave the building (or even your bar stool), these 5 spots have got you covered - no matter what type of mood you're in. Of course, since they're our favorites, these 5 spots each have their own distinct flare that truly sets them apart from the rest of the herd. From rustic edge, to schoolhouse charm, these places are what locals are raving about and what across town travelers brave the traffic to get a taste of. Offering gourmet bites, hand crafted custom drinks, and thematic flare, you and your crew will never want to leave these amazing gastropubs. Check out our top 5 picks, comment and let us know if they're your favorites too, or if you know of some other hidden gems. - Darianne Dobbie