Greatest Gastropubs In Culver City:

#1 - City Tavern

Great for bar hopping or for grabbing a booth and a burger and staying a while, Culver City's City Tavern is the ideal spot to go with a group of friends. Their table tap booths truly set them apart from all other L.A. bars, their super cool retro chic style drives home the venue's status as a hip joint you'll want to frequent.

Walking into City Tavern, you'll probably pick up on a cool Restoration Hardware/ Downtown loft chic urban vibe. Rustic red brick walls and exposed ceiling beams provide the border for this rural yet modern haven for thirsty patrons. Right in the heart of Culver City, City Tavern is just what its name suggests it to be: a central tavern for everyone in Culver City. Farm oak flooring sits underneath metal and wood barstools that crowd around the central bar, with plenty of beers on tap to choose from. There is also a gourmet food menu with lots of experimental dishes that can entice even the most jaded foodie. This spot adds all sorts of cool little touches to make it stand out from the rest of the bars, like serving up craft beer in giant glass milk jugs. But, what really sets City Tavern apart from the rest are their awesome booths. Large, plush leather isn't the only thing these booths have going for them. City Tavern is the only place in L.A. where you'll find beer taps right at your booth. No longer will you have to suffer the indignation of having to get up and meander over to the bar to refill your pint. All you have to do at City Tavern is pull the lever and relax. These table taps are an awesome way to shake up an average night and do a little something different with your friends.

City Tavern

9739 Culver Blvd

Culver City, CA 90232

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