5 Hollywood Venues To Cozy Up With A Date

There's no need to stress over the perfect place to bring your date this weekend. If you're looking for some privacy and romance, there are 5 spots in Hollywood you need to know about. After browsing through these top-notch romantic places, the only tough decision you’ll have to make is which date you should bring with you.

Among its L.A. sister neighborhoods, Hollywood is generally known as the flashy one, attracting people to its glittering streets by being extremely outgoing and glitzy. Make no mistake, Hollywood is definitely where you want to go for an exciting night out, but there’s also a softer side to this fast-paced borough… a romantic side. Neighborhood locals know there are a bevy of spots that turn the lights low and the romance up. Among this group of Hollywood venues that indulge the desire to whisper sweet nothings to someone you love (or kind of like, or think is decently attractive), there are 5 places that really stand out. These 5 spots are like the Barry White of Hollywood venues- guaranteed to add some passion into your date night. The blazing and cozy fireplace at the Parlour Room is a sure way to heat up any evening, while the quirky yet sultry Sassafras offers up a completely novel take on the idea of romance. If you’re looking for something classically romantic while still incorporating some of that timeless Hollywood charm and allure, then there’s no better place than Bar Marmont. For those that like a little dining with their wining, both The Mercantile and Aventine have got you more than covered. In Hollywood, your date might leave you wanting more, but rest assured these venues never will.