5 Places with an Amazing View of L.A.:

#1 - Upstairs at the Ace Hotel

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, or at least above it all. Thankfully the Ace Hotel's Upstairs rooftop bar provides the ultimate summer escape for Angelenos. Boasting an interesting drink menu and a more than stellar view of the city, this breezy little spot comes with a pool, funky patrons and a super chill vibe. Grab your friends, an expensive bathing suit and head for the mimosas.

While most bars are meant to be experienced after the sun fades away from the horizon, Upstairs truly holds its own during the daylight hours. The bar is set atop the Ace, a new hotel that just took up residence in an old Downtown building. To get to Upstairs, you have to weave your way through the hotel that somehow manages to be vintage and modern all that the same time (think Victorian golden chairs comingling with black and white checkered tile and freehand pencil drawings on the walls) until you get to their all black mood-setting express elevator. Once you get to the top, the elevator opens up into an awesome scene of too-cool beatniks sipping mimosas and beer in fedoras, Raybans and breezy button downs. While a DJ spins some funky daytime appropriate techno, groups gather around giant oak tables under the sun, all surrounded by stunning views of glistening Downtown. A covered bar in the steeple of the building connects an open-air lounge and the pool area (usually filled with bikini clad 20-somethings). Around the entire perimeter of the Upstairs are large open clear glass windows, so no matter what seat you end up in, you’ll end up with an excellent view. And considering the beautiful people that usually come to roost in this hipster nest, you’ll still end up with a great view even if you never take your eyes of the crowd.

Upstairs at the Ace hotel

929 S Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90015

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